Burning of the Bark
Fire Ritual — Indigenous Dance & Ceremonies in Cairns, QLD

Burning of the Bark


Rituals and ceremonial dance are key elements of traditional Aboriginal culture. The professional performing arts group Minjil offers traditional Burning of the Bark rituals in Cairns, Far North Queensland.

Smoking ceremonies (wunyju bayal in Aboriginal language) are used for blessing of new premises, places of significance and cultural activation of new spaces. Very common among all Aboriginal tribes – smoke and fire is used around the world to bond people together, i.e. sit around the fire and bond with your friends.

This process of creating the smoke and the fire is designed to form a connection between peoples, whether it be between companies, businesses or individuals, it is a spiritual connection. Native Australian plants are smouldered, with the smoke used to cleanse and purify areas, chase away negative energies and evil spirits.

Used in naming ceremonies among Aboriginal tribes when babies are born, elders will put their hands over the fire before putting them on the feet, hands and eyes of a baby.
Blessings will then be spoken in Aboriginal language, about listening to nature and spirit. The word Minjil is an Aboriginal term meaning “spark of the fire”. The traditional dancers and artists of Minjil perform the Burning of the Bark ritual today for:
  • Honouring a place of great significance
  • Cultural activation of new premises
  • Baby naming ceremonies
  • Encouraging connection between communities
Carl Fourmile, Artistic Director at Minjil believes that the Burning of the Bark ritual can be very effective for people-to-people, business-to-people and business-to-business purposes. This calming and respectful ceremony helps create a spiritual connection between all guests who are present.
Many of our clients choose to combine a Burning of the Bark ritual with their Welcome to Country ceremonies to make the occasion even more memorable.

Resins, bark and tree sap from different types of trees can also be used as a form of aromatherapy.

Contact Minjil today to find out how we can add a greater sense of meaning to your next personal or business event.

Please be aware that Minjil only performs Burning of the Bark and Welcome to Country ceremonies in Cairns out of respect for the geographical boundaries of other local tribes.
Smoking Dance Ceremony — Indigenous Dance & Ceremonies in Cairns, QLD