Smoke Ceremony — Indigenous Dance & Ceremonies in Cairns, QLD

Traditional Aboriginal ceremonies


Traditional Aboriginal dance and ceremonies are a significant aspect of Indigenous culture in Australia. The professional performing arts group Minjil offers a range of tailored services designed to cater to the requirements and budgets of our clients.

Our cultural authentic services include:
  • Corporate Cultural Awareness Programs - Local Yidinji language and history, customs, beliefs and culture etiquette and how this has evolved in the 21st century. Includes informative discussions on working together with respect for land, belief systems and identity.
  • Cultural Education School Programs - Interactive and fun lessons to get children involved in learning about aboriginal culture.
  • Welcome to Country Ceremonies - Tailored to suit each individual event. Available only in Cairns out of respect for other tribes.
  • Burning of the Bark Ceremonies - Yidinji smoking ceremonies are used for blessing new premises, places of significance and cultural activation of spaces. Available only in Cairns out of respect for other tribes.
  • Indigenous Aboriginal Dance - Tailored according to the requirements and budget of the client.
  • Cultural Tours - Tours around aboriginal lands to teach clients about aboriginal lands and customs.
Minjil combines dance, song, rituals, costume and elaborate body decoration. Ceremonial dress varies from region to region and includes body paint, brightly coloured feathers from birds and ornamental coverings.

Our ceremonies teach particular aspects of traditional Aboriginal lore, spiritual beliefs and survival skills of our people. Minjil Artistic Director, Carl Fourmile has been sharing Aboriginal culture for over 20 years. He is recognised as a cultural ambassador for Cairns.
Welcome to Country ceremonies are designed to welcome guests to Aboriginal lands. Minjil have their own unique way of performing this Aboriginal ritual to connect and welcome people.
Yidinji Burning of the Bark smoking ceremonies are used for blessings of new spaces and places of significance. Also used for cultural activation of spaces.
Every movement, action and delivery has meaning. Traditional Aboriginal dance performances are tailored to suit the event, requirements and budget of the client.
Informative, interactive discussions designed to create awareness on working together with respect for land, beliefs and cultural dentity. Incorporates language, spirit and history.
Interactive and fun, school programs are designed to get students involved while educating them on Indigenous culture through games, dance and song.
Experiential tours based on song lines to immerse tour groups in local Aboriginal culture. Song lines use song, dance and stories to connect knowledge of geographical places.