Aboriginal Hunting — Indigenous Dance & Ceremonies in Cairns, QLD



Artistic Director of Minjil, Carl Fourmile is a Yidinji man from the land of Gimuy in Far North Queensland, Australia. He and his crew of indigenous performing artists specialise in Aboriginal dance, culture and ceremonies. Minjil offers customised cultural tours for small groups of up to 6 people. This luxury service caters to those who want immerse themselves in learning about Aboriginal culture of Cairns.

Each tour is based on song line, giving people an experience through a tour. Tells people on the tour of the songs of that particular place and the local animals. A song line is a web of knowledge that is connected through song, dance, story and beliefs, connecting geographical places of land.

Song lines are all connected to each other, Minjil cultural tours give clients a more complete understanding of the values and traditions of a particular locality. Within the song line, there is a range of information that can be shared about the local population.

If you would like to book one of our tours, please send us an email through our enquiry form.
These tours are for small, intimate groups. Considerable time is spent in local museums and art galleries. Local Aboriginal artwork is focused on, as is getting to know the artists and their inspirations. All who participate in these tours emerge with a lot more knowledge about and appreciation for the local Indigenous culture.

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